Is an innovative enterprise that specializes in concept development, design engineering and product realization. Active in, among other things, packaging, personal care, appliances, building, automotive, tooling and machinery. Making use of metals (for instance, steel, aluminum, titanium, molybdenum), synthetic materials (for instance, commodity and engineering plastics) and technical ceramic.

When designing products, various materials are often used and various product techniques can be applied in the production process. For example: molding synthetic products in large series, but also in smaller series, blowing synthetic extrusion, fine-mechanical metal assemblies, forging or casting metal, sheet metal in metal or synthetic materials, casing in combination with various materials and production techniques. The products are developed in close consultation with the customer, from the conception of the idea until the product is ready for manufacturing. For the details of synthetic products, the experience in constructing molds is highly valuable. Manufacturing view models can also be done, for instance, by making use of rapid prototyping. Moreover, we can also provide test models. Test models are often manufactured in a smaller amount from a different material with comparable characteristics as the material for the eventual product, but while making use of a different production technique. The integral application of skills and experience, the possibility to visualize the ideas in 3D, by performing FEA analyses and subsequently detail in a product technical way shorten the road to a high-quality solution. Available competencies: Conceptual design, Mechanical engineering design / engineering, Industrial design, complex surface modeling.
  • the flexibility is incredible
  • direct contact with the executive is guaranteed
  • there is no overhead
  • direct access to dozens of years of experience
  • access to the broad network that has been built over the years and which can be used when specialist knowledge and extra capacity are required.