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3 Dimensional scanning

3D scanning is a technique with which shapes or products are being translated into computer files that contain 3 dimensional information. Texture information of scanned surfaces can be included.


Think of scanning industrial products, scanning of complex shaped spaces or surfaces within which or on top of products need to be modelled with a tight fit, sculptures, objects which are of historical value (e.g. fossils), archaeological artefacts, agricultural products, parts of the human body and so on. Scanning is done the purpose e.g., to evaluate produced parts (dimensional check), to use available space maximal (e.g. interior modifications in cars), create replicas, store geometrical information for the next generation, to fit artificial limbs to the body, to support reversed engineering for parts of which production information is lost (e.g. parts for vintage cars).


FRANS Product Development has the scanners (Artec), software (Artec Studio) and knowledge to scan your shapes and products and translate them into a 3D computer file including the colour information of the original. The 3D file subsequently can be used by you or by FRANS Product Development: a) present your shapes/products at a website (where the visitor gets the opportunity to manipulate the object in the screen), b) to make reproductions (3D printing, additive manufacturing, conventional techniques), c) to develop parts, shapes, prostheses that will have a tight fit with the scanned geometry, d) to validate produced parts (dimensional check, deviations bigger than 0,05 mm, can be made visible with a blue light scanner, deviations of a few microns can be made visible with a CT-scan).