Medical molecular diagnostics system

A platform which confirms or denies whether the patient is suffering a certain disease.
The platform is easy to use with little interaction. It returns with the outcome within 2½ hours.
The platform is an alternative for culturing human sample material.
The platform consists of an instrument and a disposable cartridge. The human sample is placed in the cartridge were after the cartridge is irreversibly closed. Sample material cannot escape the cartridge. The container is positioned in the instrument. The sample material is fully automated processed, without leaving the cartridge. After processing, a small portion of the sample is located in specific chambers in the cartridge equipped with biomarkers. The diagnose is based at the results of a spectrometry analysis at the samples in these chambers. After the diagnose has been made the cartridge is being destroyed still carrying the human sample.
The disposable cartridge is supplied with in it 8 different fluids in a container and biomarkers in specific chambers, specific for a certain group of diseases which are being targeted. By variation of fluids and biomarkers a wide range of diseases can be targeted. The different fluids are added to the sample material in a certain sequence. The cellular membrane of the sample material is being destroyed with different techniques like adding and removing heat. The needed substance is produced by filtration. This substance is being pumped into the specific chambers, which are equipped with biomarkers.
The disposable container is an assembly of all plastic parts and is designed in such a way that desired fluids are made accessible and desired flow of fluids can be realized. It is constructed in such a way that the one of the fluids can be chosen to be pumped into one of several destinations. Switches and pumps are integrated in the disposable cartridge. Chambers where heating, cooling and other processes takes place are made suitable to execute these processes in an effective and safe way.
The instrument houses all components to operate the switches and pumps. It is equipped to heat and cool and apply all other processes to certain areas of the cartridge. This combined with a complete set of electronics hardware and software take care of the desired processes in dependency of the desired investigation (supported by the fluids and markers of choice in the cartridge). The electronics hard and software take care of a proper communication with a central module at which the results are being presented and stored.
In this project a substantial contribution is made in the development of
A) the mechanism in the instrument for the operation of the switches and pumps.
B) the cartridge, an assembly consisting of in total 50 parts. 25 injection molded, some of them are two
    component moldings. Other parts are foils and filters. A diversity of connecting techniques like hotplate
    welding, laser welding, ultrasonic welding and click connections have been used.
in 3D modelling, adapting, optimizing and change it to a producible concept, taking care of the technical documentation.